Month: June 2017

Never seen before: a communicating electronic cigarette!

Often used to help people stop smoking, the electronic cigarette is a product booming, the proof, we just discovered that there is now a new range of e-cigarette talking. Amazing, is not it? But do not get carried away too fast! This new e-cigarette has no mouth but instead, she tweets through social network Twitter.


Who was it who had the idea to invent?

The idea of the century straight out of a New York agency R / GA . According to John Mayo- Smith, who is none other than the technical manager of the agency, the goal of this project is to further assist vapoteurs to permanently get rid of cigarettes. Yes , but how? Well, the principle is simple: a microprocessor along with a Bluetooth chip is installed in the e -cigarette. Once the electronic cigarette is activated , the microprocessor immediately sends a signal to an application on the iPhone vapoteur. The latter will be responsible to send an instant message on the Twitter account of the consumer. This is why we can say that the e-cigarette “speaks” or tweeting.

What is the point?

As we can see from the information from the site shopec this rather special prototype, which recently partnered with e-cigs, can stay informed addicts vapotage their frequency of consumption. But it is not that there are more surprising , in fact , the messages sent by the application to the iPhone Twitter account vapoteur are random. Increasingly clear, they are in the form of humorous private messages, which promotes the fun aspect of the application. The main advantage of this technology lies in the fact that vapoteurs can now follow more closely the frequency of consumption and act accordingly. Still according to the words of responsible communication of R / GA agency, the goal is always to help consumers stop smoking. Of course, should the latter be passionate about social networks and they can check their account daily.

Overall, the electronic cigarette will never cease to amaze us, and if the latest version of the e-cigarette is a success , junkies e-cig can expect thousands of private messages in their Twitter account and their followers are sure to see them. And whether this application is also associated with Facebook or Skype?

Only the future will tell.

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What benefits for tobacco smokers?

The craze for smoking electronic cigarette makes me think that baclofen for patients with alcohol dependence. The same enthusiasm, hoping to release an addiction, a “revolution” for some addictologists physicians (Renaud de Beaurepaire ) , GPs (Philippe Jarry, coor Side “patients” ( those that I see in consultation), the results are rather mixed. Some have a gradual transition from e- cartridges 19.6 mg of nicotine to those containing only 6 mg.

But all ask my opinion: “What do you think, Doctor?” and my answer has not changed since 2 years: lack of toxicity has not been demonstrated, but the number of toxic substances is much smaller ( at lower concentrations also ) . Indeed , there are formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, acrolein, tobacco specific nitrosamines, but at levels below the limits of acceptable thresholds in occupational concentrations.

Trade in e-cigarettes

Sellers of electronic cigarettes are well understood: it is to provide a wide range of electronic cigarettes (which may exhibit as a luxury item, a gem ) and e-cartridges (with a variety of flavors), to give personalized advice and support (in time ) the client: the coaching vapoteur a profession of the future. It makes me think about advertising for Nespresso , where each client is unique and treated with great interest. This individual relationship , this personalized support allows its customer loyalty.

They all inclusive!