The craze for smoking electronic cigarette makes me think that baclofen for patients with alcohol dependence. The same enthusiasm, hoping to release an addiction, a “revolution” for some addictologists physicians (Renaud de Beaurepaire ) , GPs (Philippe Jarry, coor Side “patients” ( those that I see in consultation), the results are rather mixed. Some have a gradual transition from e- cartridges 19.6 mg of nicotine to those containing only 6 mg.

But all ask my opinion: “What do you think, Doctor?” and my answer has not changed since 2 years: lack of toxicity has not been demonstrated, but the number of toxic substances is much smaller ( at lower concentrations also ) . Indeed , there are formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, acrolein, tobacco specific nitrosamines, but at levels below the limits of acceptable thresholds in occupational concentrations.

Trade in e-cigarettes

Sellers of electronic cigarettes are well understood: it is to provide a wide range of electronic cigarettes (which may exhibit as a luxury item, a gem ) and e-cartridges (with a variety of flavors), to give personalized advice and support (in time ) the client: the coaching vapoteur a profession of the future. It makes me think about advertising for Nespresso , where each client is unique and treated with great interest. This individual relationship , this personalized support allows its customer loyalty.

They all inclusive!